Retrospective case study demonstrates improvement in sleep quality and pressure ulcer prevention for patients requiring continuous care while the AMS enables significant relief for care staff

compliant-concept - 12.04.2018

A retrospective case study on the use of the Active Mobilisation System for patients requiring continuous care in the nursing home setting was published in the 4/2016 edition of the journal Arzt/Spital/Pflege. The authors investigated the effectiveness of and tolerance to the AMS for pressure ulcer prevention, for own mobility, body awareness, and sleep and bedding comfort as well as possible relief for staff. Significantly noticeable improvements compared to standard procedures before the use of the AMS were observed for the important criteria pressure ulcer prevention, sleep and bed comfort for the resident as well as relief for the staff.


Source: Schaffhauser, Reumer; Wirksamkeit und Verträglichkeit eines aktiven Mobilisierungssystems bei pflegebedürftigen Patienten in der institutionellen Langzeitpflege, bei denen reguläre Mobilisierungsmassnahmen zur Dekubitusprophylaxe aufgrund ihres medizinischen Zustands nicht möglich sind. A retrospective case study; Arzt/Spital/Pflege, Edition 4/2016, Pages 32-35