Mobility Monitor for doctors

Simplify your daily business and ease the work load for your staff. See how to get an invisible and cable-free monitoring of day/night cycles.



Restraint reduction using the Mobility Monitor

Contact- and cable-free

Your patients will not be encumbered in their daily routines thanks to data collection that is completely contact- and cable-free. This means optimal flexibility for you while needing minimal infrastructure to maintain high safety and peace of mind.

A good night’s sleep

You won’t need to disturb your patient unnecessarily since you will always be up-to-date on your patient’s status throughout the night. We all know that well-rested patients respond significantly better to daily therapy acitivities. Besides you will ease your staff’s workload and increase their effectiveness.

Real time data

You can capture mobility, getting-up times and microactivity continuously 24/7 and thereby control and fine-tune the day-night cycle in shorter intervals.

More effective therapy

Thanks to real time monitoring of rest and restlessness you can register the impact of medication on the day-night cycle immediately. Your patients will also benefit from increased sleep and life quality.

Targetted interventions

Unobtrusive care and cable-free Monitoring enable focused and low disturbance interventions in the daily routine of your patients. Thus unnecessary interruptions in your patients‘daily routine are avoided. This makes life easier for your patients and your staff.


  • From now on you can focus all your attention on your patient’s therapy
  • Adjust the drug therapy quicker to your patient’s individual response
  • Save time for your staff
  • More discretion and less disturbance of your patients’ resting
  • Real-time monitoring of the impact of drugs on rest and agitation
  • Reduce physical restraints
  • Discrete and unobtrusive monitoring of your patients’ day-night cycle


The Mobility Monitor is integrated into out therapy programme and enables cable-free monitoring of sleep patterns, day-night rhythm and agitation. All at-risk patients are monitored from the ward room. The latest sleep pattern data are available on hand for the doctor’s early morning rounds and the impact of medication can be readily visualised. Hence we can make quicker progress on drug treatment and therapy. A great improvement!

Kay MarschnerPsychiatric department, Niederlausitzklinik, Germany

From our experience I know that using the Mobility Monitor enables us to be more focused in our approach. We can target the care measures according to the patients’ actual needs and prioritised according to the staff’s actual capacity.

If we project the Mobility Monitor concept to it’s logical conclusion then for certain stations we need a Mobility Monitor in every bed.

Michaela FriedhoffHead nurse, Alfried Krupp Hospital, Essen, Germany

We use the Mobility Monitor instead of fall prevention floor mats. You can get around it, it is invisible and entirely discrete for the patient.
The edge of bed alarm enables us to be in the room while the patient is still seated on the edge of the bed. This helps us avoid more falls.

Franziska RothDeputy departmental head, Medical department, Kantonsspital Obwalden (Hospital), Switzerland

With the Mobility Monitor we can assess situations that were otherwise uncertain and with the data and insight obtained we can correct our therapy based on facts. Previously we could only judge if a patient was restless or not at the moment we entered the room. Now we get an overview of the entire night and can see that he may have only been restless the moment we came in, but the rest of the night slept perfectly well. Hence we don’t need to change our therapy plan unnecessarily.

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    Discreetly in the Background

    Can easily be installed in every bed

    The Mobility Monitor can be connected to all common nurse-call systems. It creates the following warnings:

    • 360° Bed-edge and Bed-exit Warning
    • Immobility Warning

    The traffic light system allows for an intuitive representation of mobility (red, yellow, green) directly at the bed.

    For analysis of mobility the data can be transferred to a computer. A nursing specialist interprets the data with the “Mobility and Care Manager” software and reaches conclusions regarding sleep patterns and regarding the effects of medication.

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