Mobility Monitor

Evidence based Fall and Pressure Injury Prevention with the Mobility Monitor:
Increase quality of care with the Mobility Monitor. High quality of care with the Mobility Monitor and get the best for your staff and your patients.



Lower your costs and increase quality for your patients

Modular and individual

Base your daily nursing care on evidence based data that will drive down your pressure injury and fall costs and improve your efficiency. The Mobility Monitor modules can be adapted to your care needs and the needs of individual patients and thereby securing quality.

Lower costs

Reduce your costs for nursing time and supplies by an automated continuous monitoring system giving timely warnings. The Mobility Monitor will help you increase the quality of your nursing care as well as improving quality of life for your patient.

Focused interventions

Discrete cable free monitoring enables you to disturb the patient as little as possible, intervening only when necessary. Your patient and your staff will both appreciate that!

Real-time data registration

You can register the microactivity, mobility and out-of-bed patterns as recommended by international care guidelines on a 24/7 basis and respond with the correct measures in a timely manner.

Sleep is good for your health

You will not disturb your patients unnecessarily as you will always be up to date with his/her status. Evidence shows that patients that are well rested respond significantly better to therapy and daily acitivities. Besides your staff will be relieved and can work more effectively.

Contact-free, cable-free

Since the sensors are contact-free and the data is transmitted cable free your patients will not be disturbed in their daily routine. This means optimal flexibility and minimal infrastructure for you, while guaranteeing maximum safety and peace of mind.

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    It is most peculiar that nursing staff, the largest professional group in the health care industry, currently benefit least from digitalisation and innovative technology.”

    Stoyan Halkaliev, CEO NursIT

    What customers say

    From our experience I know that using the Mobility Monitor enables us to be more focused in our approach. We can target the care measures according to the patients’ actual needs and prioritised according to the staff’s actual capacity.

    If we project the Mobility Monitor concept to it’s logical conclusion then for certain stations we need a Mobility Monitor in every bed.

    Michaela FriedhoffHead nurse, Alfried Krupp Hospital, Essen, Germany

    Where we nurses had to go on our gut-feeling in the past, we now have data from the Mobility Monitor to help us carry out assessments
    Moreover the Mobility Monitor helps us apply nursing resources more focused and only where needed. This frees up valuable resources.

    Margrit Egolf-SerafiniHead nurse Tertianum AG (Nursing Home Group), Switzerland

    The Mobility Monitor can be integrated into various steps of the nursing care processes as a versatile tool, for instance for Assessment, Care planning and evaluation. Our experience shows that the focused measures taken based on the Mobility Monitor data, well reflected, lead to a significant improvement in the quality of life for the patient. The implementation of the Mobility Monitor needs good initial instruction because every tool is only as good as the person in whose hands the tool lies.

    Jeanine AltherrMaster in Nursing Care, Hospital, Zürich, Switzerland

    We have installed the Mobility Monitor across all homes in the group and have had spectacular results.
    It is used by nursing staff as an assessment instrument and is rated very highly. To begin with we had one device per site, now we have several running per site. Due to the very good training and coaching during the run-in phase the device was well accepted by staff as a professional tool.

    Dr. Luca StägerCEO Tertianum Group (Nursing home chain), Switzerland

    We use the Mobility Monitor instead of fall prevention floor mats. You can get around it, it is invisible and entirely discrete for the patient.
    The edge of bed alarm enables us to be in the room while the patient is still seated on the edge of the bed. This helps us avoid more falls.

    Franziska RothDeputy departmental head, Medical department, Kantonsspital Obwalden (Hospital), Switzerland

    With the Mobility Monitor we can assess situations that were otherwise uncertain and with the data and insight obtained we can correct our therapy based on facts. Previously we could only judge if a patient was restless or not at the moment we entered the room. Now we get an overview of the entire night and can see that he may have only been restless the moment we came in, but the rest of the night slept perfectly well. Hence we don’t need to change our therapy plan unnecessarily.



    You can use the Mobility Monitor to shorten the assessment of new admissions down to a few days. The nursing care needs are quickly and objectively registered, assessed and your care planning is made easier. The effectiveness of measures taken can be rapidly confirmed and fine-tuned on a continuous basis.

    Sleep behaviour/medication

    The mobility analysis captures minute movements (micoactivity), which can be indicators for sleep disturbance, pain, agitation or delirium. You can use the mobility analysis to guide you in fine-tuning medication so that own mobility, important for pressure prevention, can be maintained.

    Pressure injury prevention

    The Mobility Monitor can recognise movements that are pressure relieving for the skin. Should own pressure-relieving mobility be restricted, this will be detected and an immobility warning can be alerted via the nurse call system. This enables turns to be effected in a more focused manner and so the patients will be less disturbed in their sleep.

    Fall prevention

    The 360° bed edge and bed exit alerts are very effective in helping protect patients at risk from falling out of bed. As an optional setting you may choose to be alerted already when the patient is sitting on the bedside and hence have the possibility to be in the room before he/she gets up.

    The Mobility Monitor thus supports care through the entire care process

    Please find here three examples of the integration of Mobility Monitor into the nursing process of leading Swiss hospitals:

    Discreetly in the Background

    Can easily be installed in every bed

    The Mobility Monitor can be connected to all common nurse-call systems. It creates the following warnings:

    • 360° Bed-edge and Bed-exit Warning
    • Immobility Warning

    The traffic light system allows for an intuitive representation of mobility (red, yellow, green) directly at the bed.

    For analysis of mobility the data can be transferred to a computer. A nursing specialist interprets the data with the “Mobility and Care Manager” software and reaches conclusions regarding sleep patterns and regarding the effects of medication.

    Brochure Mobility Monitor
    Mobility Analysis

    In one picture you get an overview of your patient’s mobility throughout the entire night.

    You will be surprised how quickly you learn to read this

    You will be able to tell an entire story from these 2 graphs, relevant for pressure injury  and fall prevention but also mobility promotion and sleep and pain medication. Its all there!

    Evidence validated in 40 publications and studies

    Working with the Mobility Monitor is evidence based in 2 senses. Firstly you are combining your nursing skills and observations with data and facts gathered meticulously and continuously by the Monitor. But the use of the Mobility Monitor as an instrument for assessment and injury prevention has been validated in a wide scope of studies, both observational and random controlled.