Data from the Mobility Monitor for case conferences: Effective tools to improve sleep quality of people with dementia

compliant-concept - 12.04.2018

As reported last year, the University of Applied Sciences of St. Gallen and the Institute of Business Management St Gallen (CH) demonstrated in a clinical study that a system for mobility monitoring (Mobility Monitor) combined with individual case conferences would improve the sleep quality of elderly people with cognitive disorders. The authors of this clinical study are now presenting the results from a practical perspective using 2 individual cases in a new publication.


On the basis of Mobility Monitor data, it could be verified that in one case a resident performed almost no relevant movements during the night and thus a three-hour position change was indicated. An alarm was then set on the Mobility Monitor, to warn if there was no relevant movement during 3 hours, which reminded the nurses when necessary pressure ulcer prevention was necessary. In the second case, Mobility Monitor data were used to show that a resident should continue to take an already prescribed sleeping medication.


The authors conclude that “the Mobility Monitor can effectively support caregivers, e.g. to better assess the sleep behavior of people with dementia, and to gain important information for various phases of the care process.”

Source: Krankenpflege 07/2017 Authors: Heidrun Gattinger, Magdalena Osinska, Carola Maurer, Mario Stark, Virpi Hantikainen