Active Mobilisation System

The Active Mobilisation System (AMS) mobilises patients actively, continuously and imperceptibly in their sleep. The patient’s own remaining mobility is supported and sense of body, so important for avoiding disorientation, is kept intact, even over longer periods of prophylactic use.


Important for you to know

Rested thanks to undisturbed sleep

Improve the quality of sleep of your patients markedly by letting sleep through the night

Relief for staff

Provide relief for your staff from heavy lifting through fewer turns

Bedding comfort

Your patient lies on a comfortable high quality foam mattress while being gently turned continuously throughout the night

Sense of body

Body sensation is very important to avoid disorientation and this is provided by the firmness of the foam.

Supports own mobility

Any remaining own mobility will be supported since there is no sinking into the mattress. The reinforced edges ease transfer in and out of bed.

Effective prophylaxis

Study evidence shows very effective pressure injury prevention and therapy support

Virtually silent

The AMS is extremely quiet (27 dBA) and will not disturb your patient’s sleep

Heel protection

The foot end of the mattress is tapered to provide additional relief for heels

More Information

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    Tried and tested


    • Gentle turning via virtually silent active modules
    • Repositioned from one side to the other
    • Critical anatomical pressure points receive additional relief in each cycle

    The following evaluations and observational studies illustrate the benefits of the comfort level of the AMS:

    Brochure AMS

    Which patients benefit?

    Dementia, delirium

    Alternating pressure mattresses are often contra-indicated for patients with dementia or delirium. The AMS offers a well-tolerated alternative for pressure injury prevention.

    Perceptive disorders

    Thanks to the stable support of the upper foam layer there is no loss of body sensation for the patient

    Patient that do not tolerate normal turns

    Some patients may not tolerate normal turns due to pain or other symptoms The AMS offers effective prevention with good tolerance.


    Patients with cognitive disorders often don’t understand the necessity of turns in the night and react aggressively. The AMS offers a well-tolerated solution for these patients..


    Better sleep quality
    "Our work becomes so much easier supported with equipment like the AMS. It is also an investment in the health of staff, who have now less strain on their backs, while we further improve the sleep quality of our residents. My team and I are thrilled with the AMS."

    Monika WettsteinManager Nursing and Care, Nursing Home Sunnewies, Tobel, Switzerland

    Advantages for cognitively impaired patients
    "If cognitively impaired patients are repositioned by the staff during the night, they wake up and don’t go back to sleep again until after a long period of unrest. The continuous mobilisation with the AMS lets them sleep through the night, placing them in better shape to participate in therapy the next day."

    Andrea ChristenDeputy Ward Manager, City Hospital Waid, Zurich, Switzerland

    Pressure ulcers healed
    "One patient returned from a hospital stay with a pressure ulcer of diameter of 4 cm. We placed her on the AMS and without additional repositionings the pressures ulcers healed within one week. I was highly impressed!."